Bio Form for Tim Miller

Name:  Tim Miller

Nickname:  Dobber
Pimp Nickname:  Silver Tongue Tim
Mob Nickname:  The Heartbreaker

Qualifier:  Past Champion

Height:  6'4"            Weight:  220

Birthday: 12/30/1968    Birthplace: Hospital

Residence:  Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT:  1994

TIT Titles:  1994, 1996, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2013

TIT Highlights:  Breaking his 6 iron on the driving range in 1994.  The club head use to be on the
TIT winners plaque.

TIT Memory:  Has played in all TIT's since it has started.  One of only three players.  The other
are Kyle Bedalov and Randy Tiedt.  He is know for his head gear, including his duck bill hat and
his Greg Norman straw hat.  He has been the TIT photographer since 1999