Bio Form for Shawn Ama

Name:  Shawn Ama

Nickname:  Amos
Pimp Nickname: Crazy Eyes S. Beautiful
Mob Nickname: The Stare

Qualifier:  What would a TIT be without Amos?

Height:  6'0"            Weight:  103

Birthday:        Birthplace:

Residence:  Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT:  1996

TIT Titles:  2002, 2007, 2009

TIT Highlights:  Shooting a 75 in 2002 while on a Len Bias worthy dose of crack

TIT Memory:  Did not participate in the playoff during the infamous 2007 "Double Chip" TIT at Devil's Head after being
over served by the beer cart girl during the round.  His team went on to win the playoff sans its "A" player.