Bio Form for Robert Schneider

Name: Rob Schneider

Nickname: Robinator.  and, my Islamic nickname, "Achmad Bob Robanahb"
Pimp Nickname:  Ice Master Rob Fresh
Mob Nickname: Six Toes

Qualifier: Lasic eye surgery just to keep "A" player status... too bad it didn't help the free-throw shooting.

Height:  6'3"              Weight: 220 and dro....uh oh, 240 and stable

Birthday: Groundhog's Day 1966               Birthplace: Helena, Montana

Residence: Brookfield, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 2002

TIT Titles: 2005, 2006, 2009

TIT Highlights: On the 54th hole of my TIT Career, I extended my birdieless streak to 54 holes!! 
Clearly this meets the induction requirements for the C Player hall of fame.

TIT Memory: I remember my first TIT like it was only yesterday...and this golf tournament's great, too.  The highlight of the 2002 TIT, however, was midnight-drunken-stupor-over-stuffed-on-Hooter-wings bowling.