Bio Form for Mike Rhodes

Name:  Mike Rhodes

Rhodey, MR
Pimp Nickname:  Papa M. Clinton
Mob Nickname:  Pants

Qualifier:  Past Champion

Height:  6'1"            Weight:  183

Birthday: 11/10/1969   Birthplace:  Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Residence:  Waukesha, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT:  1995

TIT Titles:  2002, 2004, 2006

TIT Highlights:  In 2004 at Lake Wisconsin: While golfing with Tom Bartell, MR hit a miserable tee shot. Tom tries to give Mike a pointer,
but Mike rebuffs Tom by saying, “Sometimes you just need to dance with the girl that brought ya.” To which Tom replied, “That is one ugly bitch.”

TIT Memory:  3 putt at Six Mile Creak for a bogey on #4