Bio Form for Mike Derr

Name: Mike Derr

Pimp Nickname:  Pimptastic Derr Flash
Mob Nickname: The Ox

Qualifier: Ex Lawyer

Height: 5'8"               Weight: 185

Birthday: 8/29/1961               Birthplace: Columbus, Wisconsin

Residence: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 1999

TIT Titles: None

TIT Highlights: I managed to maintain my sobriety -- just barely -- after playing 18 holes of bad golf with Tom Bartell as my teammate at the Portage CC in 2000.

TIT Memory: Watching John Grey launch 300+ yard bombs hole after hole at Six Mile Creek in 1999. Honorable mention (does a pre TIT event count?): Last week, watching Randy Tiedt and Kyle Bedalov glower when my wife Lisa discussed Michael Moore's latest movie "Farenheit 911" at Lisa Tiedt's baby shower hosted by Jim and Holly DeYoung.