Bio Form for Kyle Bedalov

Name: Kyle Bedalov

Nickname: K-Dog
Pimp Nickname: Funk Master K. Slim
Mob Nickname: Danger-Prone

Qualifier: Past Champion

Height: 5'10"        Weight: 185

Birthday: October 15th, 1969      Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Residence:  Waukesha, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 1994

TIT Titles: 1994, 2000, 2004, 2013

TIT Highlights: Breaking not 1, but 2 clubs at Mascoutin in 2001 on way to shoot a 97.  Almost holing out
(2 inches short) at Rock River Hills on the 18th hole from 165 for eagle.  Playing with the person whom has
highest round ever.

TIT Memory:  Has played in all TIT's since it has started.  One of only three players.  The other
are Tim Miller and Randy Tiedt.  He has been the TIT web site administrator since 1999