Bio Form for John Howell

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Name: Josh Howell

Nickname: UJ, TH3, Howie
Pimp Nickname:  Sugartastic Josh Glide
Mob Nickname: 
Extra Arm

Qualifier: To show we are open minded politically, we invite Josh

Height:  6'0"              Weight: 185

Birthday: May 30th, 1975        Birthplace:  Moline, Illinois

Residence: Monona, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 2000

TIT Titles: 2000

TIT Highlights: One of only three people to win the T.I.T. in the only year they have attended.  The
others are Corey Franke and Jay VandenBoogart

TIT Memory:  Got stung by a bee on the first hole of the first T.I.T. at Portage C.C.