Bio Form for Jim Derivan

Name: Jim Derivan

Nickname: JD
Pimp Nickname:  Jam Master J. Diddy
Mob Nickname:  The Blade

Qualifier:  Past Champion and Co-Best Man of T.I.T. President

Height: 5'11"       Weight: 16 Stone

Birthday:  9/15/1958              Birthplace: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Residence: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 1996

TIT Titles: 1996, 1998

TIT Highlights: 2 time champion while carry both teams on his back for 18 holes.  Jim used his putter
 from the fairway in order to get a closest to the 150 yard marker, because the prize did not say
 "in one shot" or "in two shots".

TIT Memory: Tim Miller's cap, Joe Militello's Porche and the accompanying 150 mph
trip w/ Randy and anything to do with Amos.  The wonderful banter at the 18th Hole
each year.