Bio Form for Fred Wood

Name: Fred Wood

Nickname: Chip, Fredreeecko
Pimp Nickname:  Master Fly Fred Guide
Mob Nickname: Del Muder

Qualifier: No Wood, No Big Check

Height: 5'11"               Weight: 175

Birthday: Jan. 28, 1973               Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Residence: Hartland, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT: 1997

TIT Titles: 2009

TIT Highlights:   Holds record for longest streak without a title at 11 year. Fred has won more short drive flag events than any other player.  Missed the Rock River Hills outing due to a wedding - his own.  Multiple Vodka Lemonades

Fred is like a snow flake... no two swings are alike

TIT Memory: HOT SEX.  Need anything else be said...Oh yeah, MAS TEQUILA!!!  Fred & Randy
 enjoyed the Robin Yount HOF induction ceremony from my living room the day after the MAS Tequila.