Bio Form for Dave Fancher

Name:  Dave Fancher

Nickname:  Fanch
Pimp Nickname:
Treacherous Fancher Joker
Mob Nickname:
Extra Arm

Qualifier:  He is the missing lost 4th Wood Brother

Height: 6'1"         Weight:  180

Birthday:   January 15th, 1973   Birthplace:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Residence:  Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Joined the TIT:  2002

TIT Titles:  2006, 2008

TIT Highlights:  Rock out with &#@* out t-shirt;  progressed from D player to B player; missed OT thriller in ’07 for a Nickelback concert; author of  “call a pro” penalty

TIT Memory:  Shoots a 79 in 2009 at Fox Fire, a 14 stroke decrease from his 93 in 2008